Small-cap Equities in Asia-Pacific

Our Asia-Pacific Equities Advisory at Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. spotlights New Equity Offerings and Small-caps available throughout Asia-Pacific. AFXC keeps its institutional and private equity clients up-to-date on all new equity offerings and inside market research in the hot small cap growth areas of Asia-Pacific.

Not many people know that Small-cap stocks have outperformed all other asset classes over the last 85 years...

... And that includes large blue-chip stocks, real estate, commodities and even gold!

In a famous study, researchers showed that $10,000 invested in Large-cap stocks grew to nearly $10 million between 1926 and today.

That sounds great . . . . but, look at what that same $10,000 turned into with Small-cap stocks over the same time period:


That’s right, nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

Small-cap Stocks performed over 100 times better than Large-cap Stocks.

In Asia, this relationship becomes even more compelling, going forward, as more and more Small-cap start-ups present ever increasing opportunities with the expansion of emerging markets.

AFXC Asia-Pacific Equities Advisory helps navigate exciting opportunities in Asia-Pacific Small-caps.

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Penny Stock Alerts

Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. has implemented the All New Small-cap Tracking Model spotlighting investment opportunities and our Stock Pick Alerts on emerging companies throughout the Asia- Pacific and ASEAN Region.

Newly listed issues, exchange traded opportunities, IPO’s and Pre-IPO private placements are regularly featured with specific Buy /Sell recommendations given to our institutional and private equity clients.

We have incorporated into our Stock Pick Alerts a New Penny Stock Alert service.

Penny Stocks are often misunderstood in their applications to acceptable portfolio management theory. One must realize that, on a percentage gain measure, AAPL going from $430 to $620 is the same as a penny stock going from $.43 cents to $.62 cents.

Of course, the market liquidity situation in each of the 2 trading markets may be quite different as might be the bid / ask spreads.

But, make no mistake about it, many quality companies now trading above $5 per share and much higher did, in fact, start out as “penny Stocks”; as did AAPL.

Ever wonder how your life would be different if you’d invested in Apple or McDonald’s or Home Depot before people knew about them? Imagine spreading around $500 among a few of these stocks... and waking up one day realizing you have over half a million dollars in your bank account!

That’s the potential and the opportunities AFXC Stock Alerts will share with you.

It may sound like a pipe dream to most people . . . . . . . . . But, believe us, it’s not!

Find this combination in a penny stock and you are on your way!

  • Good Management — Do the people at the top know what they’re doing?
  • New Trend — Has this company found a new trend or market?
  • Takeover Target — Is this company attractive to bigger companies and private equity firms?

Let AFXC Penny Stock Alerts help you find your way.

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Eastern European Stock and Debt Opportunities

Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. (AFXC) focuses on Stock and Bond investment opportunities in the Eastern European economic block. Our research is based on independent and sound corporate credit evaluations. We use a bottom-up accounting approach to identify free cash flows. With strong regional presence, we have a unique perspective on all of these exciting markets. Our research analysts are “on-the-ground” with every company they cover throughout the region. That is the kind of coverage our clients expect.

We like this group and we watch this group for our clients; very carefully:

Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic
Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Serbia,
Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine

This is a region where recent sell-offs, often from western companies looking to strengthen core balance sheets, have made assets very cheap. CEE countries, which are not in the Euro-zone, are reaping the rewards of depreciations against the Euro as their economies become more competitive – meaning that European countries should continue to shift manufacturing further into CEE territory. Rating Agencies have recently, late last year, upgraded credit ratings in “emerging” Europe, including Latvia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic. By contrast, Western Europe has seen downgrades of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland; problems will continue to persist deep into 2013.

On the flip side, just to keep everyone honest, the risk caveat for Eastern Europe is “Tricky stuff in a tricky country”. One of the biggest problems in Eastern Europe is that the market is illiquid. If you add Over-the-Counter deals and Risky Products to the mix, you can have a recipe for disaster.

Many firms in Eastern Europe will focus on low and mid-cap deals. The biggest deals and investments here are handled by Scandinavian or London-based banks. You have to know these markets and know the institutional players.

Let Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. guides your investment risk exposure to equity and debt in Eastern Europe.

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