Trade Gold and Precious Metals

Alliance FX Capital Ltd. (AFXC) offers both institutional and professional investors some of the best Gold prices anywhere in the world. AFXC is able to offer our clients access to markets of deep liquidity throughout China, Asia Pacific, S E Asia and the Middle East providing clients with access to market leading spreads and margin levels of 1%.

  • Our aim is to provide prices as low as 40 to 60 cents per oz (prices dependent on market conditions), with execution either on or offline.

AFXC can offer Silver, as well as Platinum and Palladium executions. This provides some unique metals portfolio swaps and spread benefits for investors when Trading Gold or Bullion. With the importance of gold within our clients’ investment portfolios, we offer you the ability to deposit gold as collateral to facilitate your trading in addition to the delivery of gold, subject to the following

  • Gold used as collateral: AFXC will need to take title over the gold and for it to be registered in the gold system, under 5 years assay and known marks
  • Gold for delivery: We are able to offer delivery for allocated and unallocated London (GLD) gold

If you want to trade gold, you can access it through our MT4 and AFXC Insta-Trader platforms or by contacting our Off-line Trading Desk.

Refined Metals Trading

The refined metals trade has shifted decisively eastward over the last two decades.

Demand has quadrupled in emerging economies. In developed economies it has barely changed. China alone now takes more than 40% of global output.

We buy from smelters and refiners and sell mainly to semi-fabricators. We also trade physical metals in the professional markets.

Many of our metal customers are in Asia. We are one of the few global traders established in the physical metals market in china.

We have established relationships with the key producing areas, with especially strong representation in South America. With mining and logistics operations in Africa, we are well placed to capitalize on opportunities for growth as the continent plays a more central role in global production.

Physical Products

Refined metals markets are highly commoditized. We deal mainly in London Metal Exchange (LME) deliverable grades for the major base metal markets, including copper, lead, zinc, nickel and aluminum.

We buy in the wholesale market and sell in the retail market. We keep stocks locally in secure storage units so they are easy to transport to our consumers. We sell in smaller amounts as required.

Our ability to provide customers with just-in-time delivery eases working capital for consumers and reduces their sensitivity to market price risk.

We promote liquidity in physical commodities markets. We are also very active in the derivatives markets. Our disciplined approach to risk management ensures that market price risk is always carefully controlled.

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