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Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. (AFXC) provides the support infrastructure to build a successful Trading Advisory / Asset Management business. Our team of experienced professionals delivers execution, clearing, trade allocation and other services to advisors who manage their clients’ funds. Our software allows the Trading Advisor to manage their individual investor funds within one managed account; organize underlying customer accounts into groups; and add or remove clients for trading groups.

Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. is instrumental in formulating Fixed Income and Equity Research strategies for some of the most well known investment funds; mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds on both a consulting and proprietary trading basis. We are instrumental in managing and effecting large block equity transactions, on and off exchange, globally. We are continuously in touch with major world market makers in the equities and bonds arena.

Our risk management team is second to none.

AFXC Research Analysts are given free rein to research companies and sectors and are focused on achieving results for Private Equity clients and believe they will provide them with the best investment opportunities. Our AFXC Institutional Advisors have direct and daily interaction with research analysts as this strengthens the institutional investor’s ability to serve clients with enhanced communication and our increased execution and operational efficiency. Our Equity and Fixed Income analysts average 20 years of experience in the industry.

The goal of Alliance FX Capital’s entire research team is to help our clients generate alpha within their portfolios by providing timely, insightful and actionable proprietary research. By looking at the world from both a top-down and bottom-up approach, we help our clients put all the pieces together for the most complete information to support their decision making process.

For the Institutional Trading Advisor, reporting capabilities (including real-time P/L, equity and margin) are available directly within the AFXC trading platform application. At any time, individual customers can also access their own information in real-time (including all open positions, P/L and trading history). Flexible reporting capabilities enable Trading Advisors to develop customized client fee structures.

AFXC Trading Desk and Investor Services specialize in providing Futures and CFDs execution and clearing services tailored to the specific needs of our institutional clients. Our experienced staff values its relationship with each customer and is committed to customizing our services for each individual business. The employees of AFXC understand that our success is dependent upon offering intelligent and cutting edge services at competitive rates.

Institutional Platforms

Our Institutional AFXC's MetaTrader (MT4) and AFXC Insta-Trader Platforms enhance money management capabilities. Below is a listing of features within our individual trading platforms.

  • A full featured mobile trading application that allows you to trade the full set of Forex, Gold, Oil and other financial instruments in your existing trading account with iPhone and iPad applications now available
  • One-click trading allows you to open a position in the fastest possible time.
  • AFXC MT4 and AFXC Insta-Trader Platforms feature amount-based trading in lots - avoiding the need to calculate the value of lots.
  • The AFXC Trader platforms have integrated charts providing an indication of current market trends for improved analysis and better information for trades.
  • Hedge positions with stops and limits with the functionality of the Trailing Stop/Limit tool.
  • The Algorithmic Trading Module allows you to create, back-test, and run automated trading strategies.

AFCX’s MT4 and Insta-Trader platforms are state-of-the-art trading applications with customizable workspace.

AFXC Insta-Trader allows clients to trade a wide variety of products such as CFD, Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), and Unit Trusts, etc. This makes it an ideal one-stop trading platform to trade conveniently from a multi-product trading platform. With Insta-Trader, clients are offered a hassle-free way to trade Forex, CFDs and Futures.

As it is an online trading platform, Insta-Trader is easily accessible through an internet browser. Clients can use it anywhere with an internet connection, and the simple system requirements bring great convenience to investors. Checking on account status and current market positions is a simple affair, instead of having to wait for monthly statements. The particular leveraged nature of CFDs means that even minor changes in price could result in large fluctuations in the profits or losses made, so staying updated would aid investors in maximizing their returns.

Current news and promotions are also available on AFXC Insta-Trader. Investors can stay updated on the latest rates and seminars. Funds withdrawals or transfers are also made easy with all of AFXC platforms. Clients can easily withdraw excess funds or transfer them their bank accounts or designated beneficiary accounts by completing an online form in Inta-trader. Its user-friendly nature and wide range of features enable investors to use Insta-Trader to start trading Forex, CFDs, futures, other derivative contracts and spot delivery seamlessly and with ease.

If you are an Institutional Investor, do Contact Us such that we may structure a custom service proposal for you.

Bond and Credit Trading Platform


MarketAxess is the network that over 900 active institutional investor firms rely on for depth of product, accuracy, reliability and efficiency. MarketAxess offers a broader trading network, lower transaction costs and efficient trade execution. As the leader in electronic trading for the global institutional credit markets, MarketAxess provides a powerful trading network, innovative technologies and market transparency.

AFXC Trades on the leading electronic platform that provides institutional investors with efficient access to multi-dealer pricing in a wide range of credit products.

Electronic Credit Trading

MarketAxess was formed in response to investors' need for a single trading platform with easy access to multi-dealer competitive pricing in a wide range of credit products. MarketAxess has since expanded and deepened its trading network with North America's premier institutional investors and leading primary dealers and regional firms.

MarketAxess offers DEALERS like AFXC a significant presence in secondary markets, providing a broad base of credit securities and deep pool of liquidity for institutional trading desks.
The U.S. trading system supports fully-disclosed electronic trading in high-grade corporate bonds, high yield/crossover bonds, emerging markets bonds, U.S. agency securities, structured products, preferred stock and credit default swaps (CDS).

MarketAxess Europe Limited, the wholly-owned U.K. subsidiary of MarketAxess Holdings Inc., operates in London launching European secondary trading in U.S. dollar and Euro-denominated Eurobonds MarketAxess Asia Pacific has expanded its credit trading platform to include institutional investors in the Asia Pacific region. Central banks, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and asset and wealth managers are able to trade U.S. and European corporate bonds, Asian credits, emerging markets bonds and CDS with MarketAxess' global network of broker dealers. MarketAxess is a Recognized Market Operator in Singapore and an Authorized Automated Trading Service in Hong Kong.

AFXC Clients benefit from superior support for trading in Asian credits including: Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Pakistan, Mongolia, Thailand, and Taiwan

MarketAxess offers the industry-standard Corporate BondTicker™, which provides market participants with real-time FINRA TRACE data enhanced with MarketAxess trade data and analytical tools.

AFXC uses The MarketAxess Trading Platform in executing most all of our liquid market Bond and Credit trades.

AFXC Institutional Investors experience superior liquidity, speed and efficiency delivered by having direct access to an award-winning trading technology. View this bond and credit trading platform at

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