CFD stands for Contracts for Difference

A CFD is a contractual agreement between two parties to settle the difference between the closing and opening price at the close of contract.

Contract Renewal

AFXC CFD contracts have a 30 calendar days contract period, counting from the date the contract was opened. When the client decides not to hold the contract beyond 30 calendar days, he can simply liquidate the position anytime during the contract period.

Should the client decide to hold the contract for a longer period, he does not need to carry out any action, and the system will rollover the position, which would be reopened at the closing price of the 30th day. This ensures that the new position does not undergo any bid-ask loss. Unrealized profits, losses and finance charges will be realized at the point of contract renewal.

Contract for Differences (CFDs) & Stocks Trading

Welcome to online CFD trading

For a growing number of investors, CFDs or Contracts for Difference are fast becoming the most flexible method of trading stocks online.

CFD trading online is powered by Alliance FX Capital’s innovative trading platforms which deliver live streaming prices and lightning-fast stock trades. With online CFD trading, the waiting and delays of normal stock trading are a thing of the past.

Trade across markets with our range of Equities CFD Alliance FX Capital offers more than 1,300 Equities CFD on Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and US markets. The prices quoted on our trading platforms are exactly the same as what is quoted on the exchanges. We do not quote additional spreads on top of prevailing market prices, allowing clients the same experience as trading the cash market

Index-tracking CFDs

Alliance FX Capital introduces leveraged market trading an Index

  • 21 Index-tracking CFDs
  • 23 exchanges worldwide
  • Competitive Bid/Ask spreads

Index-tracking CFDs give private traders and investors the capability of trading an entire index on real-time prices with just a single click. Clients are able to maximize their exposure with minimal investment using Index Trackers.

Benefits of index-tracking CFDs:

  • Index-tracking CFDs are linked to the performance of a stock market index. They can be short sold, opening up the possibility of turning a profit in a falling market
  • Maximum exposure with minimal capital requirements. Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. offers leverage on all Index-tracking CFDs, reducing collateral requirements.
  • Trade 21 Index-tracking CFDs across over 20 exchanges worldwide with a single click
  • Very competitive Bid/Ask spreads with no additional commissions.

Simple stock market investment

If an investor is bullish over the prospects of a particular market index, a tracker allows him to invest in it without having to invest in the underlying shares. As index-tracking CFDs don’t require the buying and selling of individual shares, they provide highly cost efficient market exposure.

Short sell Index-trackers for flexible trading

Just like ordinary CFDs, Index-tracking CFDs can be ‘sold short’– so if an individual believes a certain market index will fall, they can ‘sell’ it and potentially turn a profit. Because Index-tracking CFDs are linked to the performance of a stock index, investors can diversify investment risks across numerous stocks represented in the index. Index-tracking CFDs are the easiest way to gain exposure to global stock markets whether taking long or short positions.

AFXC CFD trading covers all major European, US and Asia/Pacific Stocks, with Index-tracking CFDs that follow the performance of the world's leading stock indices. Online CFD trading is a truly versatile method of stock market investing in bull and bear markets, offering investors the ability to hedge existing stock positions and even to potentially profit from a falling market. CFDs can be easily sold short so that investors anticipating a drop in certain stock or stock index can effectively sell the stock to benefit from its fall in value.

Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. also offers online CFD trading in Commodities, Gold, crude oil, grains and softs in smaller lot sizes than those listed on the Futures exchanges, enabling clients to access a new asset class with smaller requisite margins.

Trade Commodity CFDs online with AFXC

Commodity CFDs are the new and easy way to trade commodities markets. Now investing in oil, grains, softs, energies, gold and other precious metals is as easy as trading any other CFD products. CFD Commodities give traders and investors direct exposure to the underlying future with the trading features of a CFD.

A simple alternative to Futures trading

Instead of trading on the Futures exchanges - with sometimes prohibitive lot sizes and high collateral requirements - investors can now access leveraged commodity trading with reduced collateral through Commodity CFDs. For instance, the minimum Commodity CFD lot size of a US Crude Oil is 25 CFD contracts, that is 25 barrels of underlying asset, compared to the Futures min. trade size of 1 contract with 500 barrels of underlying asset, which means easier and more flexible trading.

Commodity CFDs - a new investment choice

For Forex or Equity traders looking for a simple way to diversify their portfolios or seeking new ways to hedge their investments, Commodity CFDs offer a new investment opportunity. Commodity CFDs allow powerful, leveraged trading on the Futures market, with lower levels of collateral needed. This reduced entry level, combined with lower unit trade sizes, enables flexible trading across the global commodities markets.

Equity, Index and Commodity CFDs are available on all AFXC trading platforms

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