"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing."
Warren Buffett

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Forex and Small Cap Equity Transactions are what we are all about

Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. (AFXC) has made transparency the cornerstone of its business model, and as one of the leading global brokers in the market has campaigned to encourage this in the wider Forex industry as well as Dealer-marker making that dominates small cap equity markets.

Each transaction / execution model has its own advantages however clients aren’t typically aware of the differences and may not even be able to tell whether their broker is a market maker or operates utilizing an agency model. Agency/ECN/STP models aren’t a synonym for perfect market execution while market making is not an antonym for it either.

After years of promoting transparency and integrity, Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. consistently has demonstrated our ability to totally align our interests with the interests of our clients.

Our Client Model does away with any potential conflict of interest between AFXC and our clients. Our efforts are concentrated on educating our clients and assisting them in becoming better traders. We compliment “No Dealing Desk Intervention” with “No Conflict” in the truest sense of the term, something that is paramount in order to be truly transparent and client centric in everything we do. We want to encourage all industry participants to follow this path and align their interests with those of their clients – because this would make a good industry great.

All Client Orders are sent directly to AFXC’s global pool of liquidity providers with spreads from 0 pips on our proprietary AFXC Insta-Trader ECN Fully Integrated Platform (ECN/FIP) – with upfront commissions, and spreads with small mark-ups on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) – with no commissions. The execution model is seamless and AFCX clients trade with the confidence that their broker is working with them and for them at all times. Our sophisticated trading platforms (AFXC Insta-Trader and MT4) bring together excellence in technology, world class liquidity and international standards of service to provide traders with exceptional spreads and prices. As retail FX clients and small cap traders have become more sophisticated and experienced, AFXC believes that the demand for a transparent and trusted execution model has become the key driver in the Currencies and Small Caps industries.

Enjoy direct order execution through transactions directed to all of the major liquidity providers worldwide.

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